What is the vagina?

Your vagina is between your thighs. Your cervix is inside your body at the end of the vagina. Other words for vagina are twat, pussy, snatch, slit or yoni, but there are lots more!

Elastic and flexible

Your vagina is an opening that goes all the way up to your cervix. Normally your vagina is between 7 and 9 cm deep and quite narrow; the walls almost touch each other. But your vagina is elastic and flexible, and when you are turned on your vagina becomes moist and opens up. This allows a penis, or perhaps fingers, to enter it with ease. During childbirth, even a baby can pass through it.

Feel it yourself

Do you know what your vagina looks like? It’s good to take a look at your vagina and to feel it. Then you have a better idea how everything works inside you.
Take a mirror and look at the opening of your vagina.
Insert your finger. The inside of your vagina feels soft. It’s a bit like the inside of your cheeks.
Masturbating, playing with yourself, is a good way to find out how it all works in your body.


Your vagina is naturally a bit moist. When you get sexually aroused, your vagina gets even more moist (wet). There is increased blood flow to your clitoris, labia and vagina, making them swell up. The entire vaginal wall become moist due to the increased blood circulation, and when you’re sufficiently turned-on, moisture comes out. This moisture is smooth and slippery, making it easier for a penis, fingers or a dildo to enter your vagina. Having sex is then enjoyable and pain free.


You develop breasts during puberty. This could start in a girl of 8, but also in a girl of 14. Age varies for all girls.


During puberty, a girl has her first period. For about 5 days, some blood, mixed with mucus, flows from your vagina. You can use tampons, sanitary pads or cups to soak up the blood and mucus.