Sex techniques

When you know you are ready to make love there are many ways to do so, with your clothes on or naked. You can play with yourself. You can make love with a partner. You can kiss, caress, finger, masturbate, and have oral or penetrative sex.

Touching yourself

You can have sex by yourself. This is called masturbating, playing with yourself or getting yourself off. Lots of people play with themselves. It’s quite normal to have times where you masturbate a lot. It’s also quite normal to experience periods where you’re not in the mood and it’s also totally okay if you never want to masturbate.


Cunnilingus may give a woman an orgasm. Other words for this are going down on (her), licking and sucking, or oral sex.


Stimulating the penis with your tongue and mouth is called fellatio. There are different ways of doing this. Each man has his personal preference.

Is semen yucky?

Every man’s semen tastes different. When a man eats sugary fruit and vegetables, his semen tastes sweeter. When he smokes and drinks coffee and alcohol, his semen tastes bitter and sour.

Penetrative sex

Penetrative sex means an erect penis goes into the vagina. Other words for penetrative sex are vaginal sex, sexual intercourse, sleeping or going to bed with someone, doing ‘it’ or simply ‘having sex’. Try out other things first before deciding you are ready to have penetrative sex, like caressing, fingering, masturbating.

Anal sex

Anal sex is when fingers, or a penis, go in the anus. Not all people have anal sex. If you have anal sex, make sure you use a condom as there is a bigger risk of catching an STI with anal sex.

Gay sex

There are all kinds of things that two men can do for example, kissing/tonguing, caressing, male masturbation, fellatio and penetrative sex. When two men want to have penetrative sex, they do that anally.

Get tested every 6 months

Are you a man who has sex with men? Get yourself tested for HIV and other STIs once every six months.

Lesbian sex

There are all kinds of things that two women can do for example, kissing/tonguing, caressing, fingering or cunnilingus. If women want to have penetrative sex, they can do that with their fingers, a dildo or a vibrator.  Vibrators and dildos are penis-shaped gadgets, made for having sex.  Vibrators and dildos are similar but a dildo does not vibrate.