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Empowering Saban youths to navigate love, sex & relationships.

Young people talk about sex

Young people talk about sex

Young people talk about sex

Young people talk about sex

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What is SabaLovin?

SabaLovin is an aspiration. It redefines the way we look at sexual wellbeing on Saba.   

SabaLovin means:

Pride: loving yourself and being proud of who you are
Empowerment: leading a sexually healthy life
Self-Awareness: knowing yourself and your boundaries
Honesty: having open conversations with your partner(s), friends and family
Respect: acknowledging others wishes and boundaries
Diversity: embracing all members of our community as they are
Bravery: breaking down the taboo associated with sexual health on Saba, one conversation at a time

SabaLovin starts with YOU, making the decision to pursue healthy relationships with yourself, your partner(s) and your community. This website will help you to achieve that.  So, become well-informed by exploring and enjoying every corner of this website. With these tools you can help redefine what sexual wellbeing means in our community. You will soon be proud to ask your partner(s), friends or family to:

“Gimme some of that SabaLovin!”