The G-spot is on the inside of your vagina. In some women, this is a sexy, sensitive spot. That’s because you are touching part of the clitoris through the G-spot. This area is not sensitive in all women, so not everyone can find the G-spot.

Try it yourself

The G-spot forms part of the clitoris. The tip of the clitoris, what you see on the outside, is just a small part of it. Lots of spongy tissue and nerves run from the clitoris in a woman’s body. Part of these can be felt through the vagina. The G-spot is located on the inside of your vagina, around 3 cm up from the opening. You can feel this spot if you insert a finger in your vagina, with your palm facing your abdomen. The G-spot is on the inside of your abdomen. This spot feels a bit irregular, like an orange peel.


The G-spot is a very sensitive place in your vagina. The G-spot can be stimulated with fingers, a penis, a dildo or a vibrator. Stimulating this spot may give you sexual enjoyment or even an orgasm. The orgasm you get feels a bit different to the usual clitoral orgasm.


In some women, a G-spot orgasm is accompanied by the secretion of fluid. Sometimes a few drips, sometimes more. This is also called ‘female ejaculation’ or ‘squirting’.


You develop breasts during puberty. This could start in a girl of 8, but also in a girl of 14. Age varies for all girls.


During puberty, a girl has her first period. For about 5 days, some blood, mixed with mucus, flows from your vagina. You can use tampons, sanitary pads or cups to soak up the blood and mucus.