Taking care of your penis

To have a clean and healthy penis you need to wash it every day.

How to wash your penis: 3 tips

  • Pull the foreskin back as far as possible, so that you can clean the glans properly as well as the ridge underneath.
  • Only use your hand to clean it. You don’t need to scrub it.
  • Don’t use soap. Soap can disrupt the natural pH balance of the skin. This could cause problems such as bacterial growth. And that might give an unpleasant smell.

Why wash?

Washing prevents the build-up of smegma under your foreskin. Smegma is white, sticky stuff that may smell, irritate or cause inflammation. Keeping your penis clean is also important when you are circumcised.


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Men and Women

Are you a typical men or women? Probably not. There is virtually no such thing.