Taking care of your body

When you reach puberty, your body goes through changes. So it usually needs more looking after.

Everyone has a natural scent

Everyone has a natural body scent. Smell is important in love and sex. You often find someone extra attractive because you like the way he or she smells. So you don’t have to conceal your own body smell. Your partner may actually like it.


During puberty, people sweat more, especially under their arms, and this may smell. It’s completely normal. Washing every day and changing your clothes regularly is a good idea. Using a deodorant also helps.

Spots / breakouts / pimples

Hormones are responsible for making the skin oilier. That leads to spots/breakouts/pimples. Do you suffer from this? Wash your skin with a cleansing gel to make it less oily. Don’t use ordinary soap: this often dries your skin out too much. Your skin then reacts by producing even more oil, resulting in yet more spots.


Do you feel insecure about yourself? That’s probably because you’re visualizing what you think is ideal. But realistically: nobody is perfect and everyone is different. You are fine just as you are.

Men and Women

Are you a typical men or women? Probably not. There is virtually no such thing.