Problems with the foreskin

Some boys find they have difficulty pushing back their foreskin properly. Masturbating or having sex hurts. In addition, it’s impossible to clean your glans properly. 2 things could be causing this:

  • Your foreskin is too tight. 

The foreskin can’t be pulled back because the opening of the foreskin isn’t large enough.

  • The frenulum is too short. 

The foreskin isn’t too tight, but when you try to pull it back your glans gets pulled along with

Exercises for a tight foreskin

If you are sure the problem is a foreskin that is too tight, you can try to loosen it up with a series of stretching exercises.

  • Try each day to pull the foreskin a little bit further back from the glans. Do this whilst your penis is limp.
  • Be very careful, don’t force anything. Use a lubricant if necessary.
  • If this goes well, you can also try this stretching exercise when your penis is erect.
  • If you don’t see any improvement within a few months, go to your local doctor for advice.

Frenulum too short? Go to your doctor

In some boys, the frenulum is too short. That can be painful when you have an erection. The foreskin can’t be pulled back from the glans completely. When you try to do that, you feel your glans being pulled back as well, exactly at the spot where the frenulum is. A doctor can cut the frenulum loose. Go to your local doctor for advice.


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