How you feel during puberty

It’s not only your body that changes when you reach puberty. You start to feel different as well.

Laughing or crying

During puberty you may feel really happy, and then the next minute rather gloomy or sad. You think more about yourself and about the world.


Because so much is changing in your body, you may feel insecure. Do I look good? Do other people like me? You have to get used to your new body. Don’t worry: it’s all part of it.

Do I look different?

Boys are not all the same. One gets his first ejaculation at 11 years old, another at 16. Perhaps you are taller than your friends are, or have a smaller penis. Don’t worry about it.

In love

During puberty, young people often fantasize about someone they like. That could be a girl, but it could also be a boy. You may fall in love. Then you get butterflies in your stomach and very nervous when you see that person.

Thinking about sex

You start to get curious about sex during puberty. You think about sex a lot and perhaps you get a feeling of excitement in your body. This site has a lot more information about sex. There are also other websites, or booklets and leaflets.


Do you feel insecure about yourself? That’s probably because you’re visualizing what you think is ideal. But realistically: nobody is perfect and everyone is different. You are fine just as you are.

Men and Women

Are you a typical men or women? Probably not. There is virtually no such thing.