You can also have your first ejaculation when you masturbate or when you make love to someone.

Wet dream

A wet dream is a spontaneous ejaculation a man has when asleep. If you wake up and the bed feels wet, you may think you’ve wet the bed. That’s not right, you’ve had a wet dream. A wet dream happens spontaneously, often without dreaming about sex.

Wash but don’t use soap

Wash your penis every day. Pull your foreskin back. This allows you to clean under the ridge of your glans. If you don’t do this you get smegma under your foreskin. This white, sticky stuff may smell, irritate or cause inflammation. Keeping your penis clean is also important when you are circumcised.


Semen and pee never come out of your penis at the same time. When you have an erection, your urethra is closed off. If you have to pee, you need to wait until your penis is limp again.


Do you feel insecure about yourself? That’s probably because you’re visualizing what you think is ideal. But realistically: nobody is perfect and everyone is different. You are fine just as you are.

Men and Women

Are you a typical men or women? Probably not. There is virtually no such thing.