Talking about safe sex

The plan was to use a condom, but once sex got stated it was too much of a hassle or you forgot to discuss it. Now you’re worried that you might have an STI, be pregnant or got someone pregnant. Sounds familiar? To avoid the worry, talk to your partner about using a condom well before sex starts. That sounds easier than it is of course, so here are some tips to help you.  

Talking about condoms, how do you do that?

  • Plan! Consider the best time to start talking about condoms. If you’ve just met someone, you won’t want to talk about safe sex straight away. But waiting until after you’ve had sex is too late.
  • Before you have sex, think about how you’ll talk to your partner about condoms and what you are going to say. Practicing beforehand makes it easier when the time comes.
  • Be clear! Just say that you don’t want to get an STI, get pregnant or get your partner pregnant. That way there’ll be no misunderstandings.
  • Just grab a condom and put it on or put it on your partner. No need to say anything and it’s clear what you mean.
  • Ask a friend how they go about it.
  • Make sure you always have condoms with you (even if you’re female!) and even if you are not planning to sleep with someone. Because you never know…

If your partner does not respect your wish to use a condom do not feel pressured to have sex without one. You are in control of how far you want to go with a sexual partner. Learn more about boundaries here.

Safe sex

Talking about safe sex

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