Safe sex

Having safe sex is important when you go further than kissing and caressing or petting. Do you want to make sure you don’t get any STIs or get pregnant? Then always have sex safely.

Use contraception

Using contraceptives is protecting yourselves. The best way to have safe sex is by using condoms plus the pill (or another contraceptive).
A condom protects against STIs. The pill does not protect against STIs but when used correctly it prevents pregnancy. 

Protect yourself against STIs

When you have sex, using condoms is the only way to prevent STIs. Most things that go wrong with condoms happen because they’re not used properly. So make sure you know how to use a condom correctly and that you have a condom with you.

Safe for STIs

  • If you and your partner never have sex with anyone else and you know that neither of you have an STI because you’ve been tested.
  • If you only caress, kiss, tongue kiss, cuddle, massage, masturbate yourselves or each other.
  • If you use an approved condom for vaginal sex.
  • If you use an approved condom with extra lubricant for anal sex.
  • If you use a condom when giving head.
  • If you use a dental dam or a cut open condom when you are licking and sucking the vagina or anus.

If you do not get menstrual or other blood or semen in your mouth when you’re giving head, you run no risk of HIV. But remember this: there is still a risk of other STIs. 

Unsafe for STIs

Sex without a condom means a risk of STIs. There are all kinds of ways to have sex. Find out more at: what is safe and what isn’t?

Safe sex

Talking about safe sex

What is safe sex and what isn’t