Are you ready?

Sexual decisions are a matter of personal beliefs and values, but it’s important to think them through before you take the plunge. Talking about your views on sex with your partner or someone else who cares about you is also a good idea. Answer these 5 questions.

Are you ready to have sex? 5 questions

  1. Do you both believe that two people should be a certain age before having sex?
  2. Do you trust your partner?
    Kissing, caressing and sex are great when you trust your partner. And when you feel comfortable with each other. Are you unsure? Then wait a while.
  3. Is it your choice?
    Is it your choice to have sex? Or does your partner pressure you when you say ‘no’? Kiss, caress and have sex because you both want to, not just to keep your partner happy.
  4. Do you know how safe sex works?
    Do you know about condoms and contraceptives? Or do you still have questions? Get to know how they work before you start. Are you both prepared for unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections?  More about safe sex?
  5. Does your faith play a role?
    Do you want to remain a virgin because of your faith? Is that what your parents want? Or does your church expect that of you? Do you both believe that sex should only be shared in a marriage? Decide what you think is important and make your choice.