Informing partners

Do you have an STI? Inform your sexual partner(s)! Even if you don’t have any symptoms. Your partner can have an STI without knowing it and pass it on to others. 


You can pass on an STI from the moment you get infected until the treatment is completed. Inform your partners to prevent the STI from being passed on, potentially causing serious problems for other people.

Your results are in…

So, your test result is positive for an STI. This can be difficult news to hear and process. Despite that, it is important to now act on the information to protect your health and the health of your sexual partners.

  • Take the necessary treatment prescribed by your doctor.
  • Follow the advice from your doctor or nurse on when you can safely have sex again. Remember!  You can be reinfected with STIs after treatment, don’t forget to use a condom every time you have sex!
  • Inform sexual partner(s) of your positive result so they can test.

Informing your partner

It’s very important to inform your sexual partner(s) of a positive STI result. You may find this awkward, but your partner will appreciate being informed of their risk.

  • You can inform your sexual partner in person or over the phone. This depends on your relationship and how comfortable you are with the person and the conversation. The most important thing is that they are informed.
  • Clearly explain that you have received a positive STI result and advise them to schedule an STI test.
  • They may be upset when you inform them. Explain that you are informing them because it is the mature thing to do, and you want to protect their health.

Informing your partner by phone

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell a sexual partner you have an STI. As a result, you may choose to tell them via phone instead of face to face. That’s okay, the most important thing is that you inform them so they can get tested.

Below is an example of a message you could send to a sexual partner letting them know you have an STI.

Hey Maria/Marco

I wanted to let you know that I recently went for an STI test, just to be safe, and my result is positive for Chlamydia. It’s a good idea for you to also get tested. If you want to know more about the process of getting a test, I’m happy to fill you in.