Webcam sex

Some people choose to have webcam sex. By using your webcam for example, or by having erotic conversations in a chat session.

Risks of online sex

  • Fakers: people who use fake photos or fake videos. These are people who pretend to be someone else. If you put your webcam on, the video you see is of someone the faker is pretending to be. They might be older men pretending to be someone your own age.
  • Fake model scouts: people who pretend to be model scouts and lure you in with amazing promises. For the opportunity of a photo shoot, you’ll have to undress in front of the webcam.
  • Stalkers: predators you don’t want to have sex with. If you’ve given away too much online (like your surname and where you live), they know where to find you and they won’t leave you alone.
  • Players: insincere womanizers who are only out for sex. They gain your trust first by giving you all kinds of compliments. Once you give in, they don’t bother with you anymore. They lose interest and you feel used.
  • Groomers or lover boys: lover boys who try to control you by making sure you fall in love with them. Groomers make frequent use of the internet.

This is how to keep it safe

  • Make sure you know and trust the other person. Play it safe by only having webcam sex with someone you know in real life.
  • Make sure you agree on whether or not the images can be recorded.
  • If you let them video it, don’t ever agree to the images being shared with others. That means not putting them on the internet either.
  • To be on the safe side, make sure your face is not in the picture and there is nothing else in the picture that can be traced back to you, for instance things in your room.