Emergency Coil

What is the emergency coil?

You can choose to have an emergency coil fitted, up to 5 days after having unprotected sex. This is also called the copper IUD. The coil works even better than the morning after pill. A doctor inserts it in your uterus. It can stay there for at least 5 years depending on the type of coil. Once you’ve had a coil fitted, you are protected from unwanted pregnancy for all that time.

A copper IUD stops an egg being fertilized. If an egg is still fertilized, then the IUD makes sure it cannot become implanted in the mucous membrane of the uterus.

You can have an emergency coil fitted by your doctor at Saba Cares. If you are 16 years or older your parents do not have to be notified about any medical appointments or treatment.

Too late for emergency contraception?

Was the unprotected sex more than 5 days ago?
Then it’s too late for the morning after pill or emergency coil.

You’ll have to wait and see if you are pregnant.

  • Are you not pregnant? That’s a relief! Use a reliable contraceptive from now on so you won’t have to worry. Does something often go wrong with your contraception? Then maybe a difference kind of contraceptive would suit you both better.  More about contraception
  • Are you pregnant? Then you have a choice to make; keep the baby, have the baby adopted, or have an abortion.

Read about how to decide what to do if your pregnancy was unplanned.

Risk of STIs too?

If you need emergency contraception such as the morning after pill, you didn’t use a condom, or something went wrong with the condom.  Without protection you may have been infected with an STI.   Have an STI test done at Saba Cares or at the Public Health Department.