Kissing is usually the first thing you do when you’re in love. But how do you start? And when are you getting it right? Some have their first kiss at 15 others at 18 or older, it varies for everyone.

What is French kissing?

A French kiss is a kiss where you use your tongue. It’s also called deep kissing/tonguing and there are various techniques. You can stick your tongue in the other person’s mouth. But you could both use your tongues at the same time. Let your tongues glide over each other’s. Caress each other’s tongues, use your lips as well.

Are you getting it right?

There’s no instruction manual for the perfect French kiss. You learn by doing! Kissing often starts like this: you kiss each other with your lips closed. You move your lips around, touching those of your partner. At a certain point, you tilt your head so that your noses are not getting in the way. You open your mouth and slowly slide your tongue in. Nice feeling? Then you’re getting it right!

Build it up

Kissing for 10 minutes flat is challenging. Let go of each other now and then and look into each other’s eyes. Build it up gradually. Start with gentle movements. If you are both getting into it, you could kiss more passionately. What if you notice your partner wants to stop? It’s okay, take a break, you can carry on again later.

What’s nice?

Some like wet kisses, others definitely don’t. Some like gentle kisses. Others love it when you stick your tongue deep into their mouth. Pay attention to what your partner likes and tell them what you enjoy doing.

Fresh breath

Kissing can be really nice. But if your breath stinks, it won’t be much fun. Lots of people sometimes have bad breath, especially first thing in the morning. Brushing your teeth well and flossing helps. And watch what you eat: spicy food and garlic can make your breath smell. If you eat the same food as the other person, you don’t smell it so much.

Kissing and caressing

Once you’re enjoying a good kiss, you can start to use your hands. You can caress your partner as you kiss. Go on a journey of discovery around your partner’s sensitive spots. Kissing can be the start of making love. But it doesn’t have to be.