Men and women

When it comes to sex, many cultures allow men and boys more freedom than they do women and girls. Even though, according to their faith, they have the same rights and obligations. What do you think about that?

Double standards

Double standards means that a different set of rules are applied, depending on your gender: sexually experienced men are considered ‘cool’, whereas women who have sex are seen as ‘sluts’, and that doesn’t apply only to sexual intercourse, but to flirting, falling in love and maybe even kissing and caressing.

Culture or faith?

In many religions, the same rules apply to both men and women. For example, neither are allowed to wear provocative clothing and both should enter marriage as virgins. But in practice, these rules mostly apply to women. There is less scrutiny of men. This has more to do with culture than faith.

Your opinion

As a girl, do you think it’s normal that your brother is allowed more freedom than you, or not? As a boy, do you think it’s fair that your sister has more restrictions put on her? Think about what’s important to you. Do you, or don’t you, want to get into a discussion about it with your family? Read more about making choices.