Choice of partner

In some cultures, and religions, choosing your own partner is the most normal thing in the world. In other cultures, and religions, this isn’t taken for granted. What do you think about it and what do your parents think about it?

Your own choice

More and more young people want to choose their own partner. Even if their parents aren’t used to that because of their culture. This sometimes leads to difficult situations. Especially if your boyfriend or girlfriend is from a different background. Maybe you are afraid of causing a conflict. Or you keep your relationship secret to take their feelings into account.

Insistence or force

Sometimes your parents have someone they want you to marry, and you don’t agree with their choice. Perhaps they keep going on about it. Perhaps they force you. This is illegal. Seek help; you don’t have to be embarrassed about it!


Young people have the right to choose their own partner (Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Being forced into a marriage and arranged marriages are against the law on Saba. These practices sometimes take place in secret in many countries. There is no reliable data available on how often this happens.