Talking about contraception

Safe sex is not just about using condoms. The pill and other contraceptives protect against pregnancy. But how do you talk about it all?

Tips for girls

What’s most important, of course, is that to make sure you don’t get pregnant or get an STI. You must protect yourself properly!  No matter what your boyfriend says, protecting yourself is your priority.

If you have the support of your boyfriend, you’re more likely to use contraception correctly.

How to discuss:

  • Tell your boyfriend that you want to use contraception. This shows that you’re taking responsibility and that you want to share this with him.
  • Let him know whether you’re using contraception. Then he won’t just assume that you’re protecting yourself.
  • Discuss which contraceptive best suits your needs. Look at types of contraception other than the pill too.

Tips for boys

The same goes for boys. If you don’t want an STI or to make someone pregnant, make sure you only have sex with a condom! Even if your girlfriend doesn’t think it’s necessary.

A girl is more likely to use contraception properly if her boyfriend supports her. You could say, for example: ‘It’s important to me that you don’t get pregnant. That’s why I think it’s also important for you to use contraception. Shall we look together at which method would be best for you?’

Go to the doctor together to get the contraceptive. Girls often prefer that to going by themselves.

Remember this: if you want to stop using condoms and only use the pill or another type of contraception, take an STI test first.