What are condoms?

What is a condom?

A condom is a stretchy sheath (cover) that fits over an erect penis. It is usually made of thin rubber. Condoms catch the semen to protect against pregnancy and STIs. A condom is the only contraceptive that protects against both.

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Where can you find condoms?

On Saba you can find condoms many places:

  • Saba Wellness Pharmacy
  • Supermarkets
  • Bars
  • Saba Cares
  • Body Mind & Spirit
  • Public Health Department
  • Cove Bay 
  • Fort Bay  


  • A condom is the only contraceptive that protects you against STIs.
  • You don’t have to go and see a doctor first.
  • It’s not something you have to think about unless you’re going to have sex. (But do make sure you’ve always got some in case you need them!)
  • You can buy them on Saba and also get them for free at multiple locations.
  • A condom can stop you having an orgasm too quickly.
  • No semen gets into the vagina or anus.


  • If you don’t use a condom properly, there is a risk of tearing, leaking or slipping off. That makes condoms less reliable than other contraception.
  • Some people don’t like having to stop during sex to put it on or take it off.
  • You have to use one every time you have sex.
  • Some men say they don’t feel as much.